Saturday, December 1, 2007

Holiday Spirit

We're starting early this year for us, but it's starting to feel festive! The big boys picked out their baby Christmas trees this week and now they'll get one ornament everyday until Christmas to add to them. I also went a bit berserk this year and put up 24 tiny stockings with a treat for each boy inside to get them through advent. But, getting Colin through the one day wait until December started proved to be the hardest part! They happily opened the first one this morning and from here on, I hope it runs smoothly!

The boys also picked tags at church from the giving tree and I am surprised at how much they seem to be really into it this year. They each chose a child that is the same age as them so they were truly "expert shoppers" at the toy store. Liam was so proud that he helped me wrap up the big trucks he chose that he actually ASKED me to take his picture with it. Well, that was back on Tuesday... now it's Saturday and the temptation proved to be TOO GREAT and he finally dug in and opened that darn present this morning! He ALMOST made it until tomorrow when we'll drop it off at the church, but not QUITE. Tonight I will rewrap... after Liam is in bed!

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Megan said...

A tree for each child? I will never live up to the Riendeau/Supermom reputation...