Sunday, December 16, 2007

All I Want For Christmas...

Well, that's an easy one, for the little ones in our family. As you can see, Eamon just wants his two front teeth! And because he's always such a perfect little soul, they both popped through yesterday just in time for Christmas!
Colin wants the infamous frog game. This was not an easy find since Amazon suddenly listed it as one of the top toys of 2007 and they were nowhere to be found. I got burned pretty badly, but bought it on Ebay nonetheless to make sure he had it. Yes, I am THAT mother. Though I draw the line at beating up other parents in stores like they used to do over Cabbage Patch dolls and Carebears when I was young. I just get aggressive with my online bidding. (And no, Mom, I will never forget that you forged my Friendship Bear because you couldn't find the real thing that year back in the 80s.) :)

I (heart) wrapping paper.

Liam wants his darn flying bat like Colin's that drew blood on me and which Colin has already broken. But, hey, it's worth it to make him happy and I found the last one at ToysRUs and it didn't require any standing in lines, physical violence, or (thankfully) breaking the bank.

Beyond the material things, the boys just want to hang out and be "festive". We attended yet another party yesterday, our friend Erika's annual cookie decorating party that has fast become a family favorite. The boys had a ball, were the last to leave, and truly enjoyed every moment. They ate the last of their sticky, gooey, messy, wondrous cookies today and are already asking to go back!

Icing the cookies is fun, but eating them is the best!

We also had a marathon gingerbread house-decorating contest today. Liam wins, I think, for breaking the roof before I'd even finished making the icing! But it all turned out fine and Hansel and Gretel would be proud of the ridiculous amounts of candy that my big boys were able to squeeze onto this little abode. Not to mention the pounds they ate as they were decorating it.

It's more of a "Candy House with Optional Gingerbread"

Now, what do *I* want for Christmas? I want someone to come in and take out every last grain of Moon Sand and gold glitter from the nooks and crannies of my house. I want to finish an entire cup of coffee before it gets cold, an entire glass of wine (and a movie!) before I fall asleep. Moreover, I'd like to have ONE day where I don't NEED a glass of wine after putting the boys to bed! I'd like to see the bottom of the laundry pile (just once!), hear "Yes, Mommy!" every once in a while, and have ONE WHOLE BIG LONG DAY where no one whines, fights, pinches, pushes, complains or needs to be asked: "Did you wash your hands?? Let me smell them." I think I've been FAIRLY good this year, so if any of those fit in my stocking, I'd be heartily indebted to Old Saint Nick.
I'll settle for having windows that don't frost over.
On the INSIDE.
But the boys were enamored with the designs they found
this morning so I had to admit; they are pretty.

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