Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Festivities Continue Despite the Bitter Cold

Happy even at 17 degrees thanks to my Nanook of the North boots!

Three peas in a pod snuggling to stay warm!

Although we missed the Santa Parade (thankfully, as it was 20 degrees and windy out that day), we did get to have some fun at the Town Hall last weekend where they had a meet and greet with Santa and a very nicely-done Candy Land themed area for the kids. Anyplace that can get my kids to stand (still!) in line for an hour to see the portly gentleman who strikes fear into their hearts must be doing something right. Colin wouldn't sit on his lap, but Liam was very brave and told Santa (again) all about the bat he wants for Christmas. Colin only approached Santa at all because he was dying for the candy cane that Mrs. Claus was using to, albeit generously, bribe the tots. Hey, don't we teach our kids NOT to go with strangers who offer them candy? No wonder it's so freakishly confusing for them this time of year. The kids also scored some hot chocolate and cookies which topped off the day for them as a great success.

Liam tells his tale to Santa and the Missus.

Colin makes a gingerfriend.

A favorite stop on the Candy Land path.

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