Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valentine's Day

Bashful little Liam had a Valentine's Day project to complete - choose a parent and write something you like about them on a paper heart and then have the chosen parent do the same about Liam. I was a bit surprised but thrilled that he chose me! So we started with our basic heart cut-outs and were free to write and decorate in any manner we chose.

Challenge accepted - time to get my arts and crafts on.

Glitter, markers, stickers, pipe cleaners and a glue gun. Combine in a balanced composition with a thoughtful sentiment and here is my entry for display on the Kindergarten wall:

Liam's turn. Pipe cleaners, glitter hearts, stickers...I think I'm seeing a pattern here. Wait, he goes for the seashells - I didn't see that one coming. Wait a second, what did he write, what does his say, what does he like best about me?

I think he nailed it. It's comforting to know his priorities are straight. I'm such a proud, proud Pappy right now.

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