Monday, March 7, 2011

Playdates galore

We had a week filled with friends and fun. I took the Littles to the Ecotarium to bum around for a while since it's still too cold and snowy to have too much outdoor fun. This was Sadie's first official "no more stroller" outing which was great for her. Eamon could spend all day playing with the PVC pipes and the fan underneath. I should just make one at home with a hair dryer... Sadie could NOT figure out the light up dancing wall. The motion sensors detect your movements and cause different tones and lights to turn on. She was regular little Dancing Queen!

Colin got invited to a friend's house on Friday and since I'd already spent the afternoon with Eamon and Sadie at another friend's house, Liam was feeling a little left out. To cheer him up, I promised him I would have a "Mommy" play date, complete with snack and activity and one-on-one playing, no interruptions allowed! We set out to start our new I Spy Spooky Mansion game for Wii. And we completed all THREE levels in nonstop action, pausing only to shove protein bars down our throats for sustenance about 6pm. 5 hours and 51 minutes later (and a couple hours late for bedtime), we bested the game and got out of the mansion alive! At one point my Wii remote was acting up and I convinced Liam it was the ghost in our house moving the player on the screen. He took to hiding under a blanket every time we had to maneuver from one room to another, imploring me to "tell me when the ghost stops moving, okay?" As usual with Liam, it's hard to tell when he's being serious or being silly, but he didn't seem to have nightmares even after all the skeletons and ghosts and general spookiness we endured all night so it's tough to tell for sure what he was thinking! I admit the game became a SLIGHT obsession for all of us, but it was fun to do what Liam wanted for once, he rarely gets to get a word in edgewise with his siblings around.

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