Sunday, January 23, 2011

Old Sturbridge Village

Just a few of the beautiful views of Old Sturbridge Village in Winter.

And some of the fun we had. Liam showing off his prized giant icicle that he used as a sword. (No blood was shed, miraculously). Colin loved the old arms shed the best and posed as a militiaman. Liam's interpretation of what a young boy might feel like with that tight lace collar on. Colin and Eamon took Rudolph for a ride. Sadie and I explored some old homes. She missed the cheese room in the basement since she was trapped in the stroller but she loved meeting the cows outside and learned to say "moo!". We all took a sleigh trek around the commons. Eamon climbed the 3 year old version of Mt. Everest. We can't wait to go back for old fashioned sledding and maybe a hot toddy in the tavern next time!

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