Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pool time

We had our first outing at the pool for the year and the boys (and their cousins) had a great day. Sadie wasn't terribly impressed with the water yet (although she does love her bath) and she managed to sleep through most of the ruckus around her which is pretty normal. The louder the better for her napping, we've learned. Eamon stuck closer to me, hence the plethora of pictures, while the big boys never stopped moving for a moment (hence the scarcity of pictures). I've been debating signing the big guys up for swim lessons but since Colin can swim the length of the pool underwater already, I'm not sure he needs them until he's old enough to be a lifeguard! Liam is convinced he can swim as well as Colin but we've found he still very much likes being able to put his feet down when he needs to, so as much as he laments this, he is relegated to the shallow end unless he has some floatation help! I have a feeling by the end of summer, that may well change though!

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