Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun doesn't cost a thing

Sadie doesn't seem terribly impressed by her crazy half-naked brother trying to entertain her. What she is really interested in is systematically eating the Scooby Doo book that Eamon left near her.

Sitting up straight all day doesn't cost a dime and keeps girly happy without fail!

The negligible cost of some cork boards and rubber bands keeps the kids busy FOR HOURS. Here you can almost make out the boys' names that Eamon and I made as we practiced the alphabet together. It was only after Colin came home from school and saw it that he noticed we forgot Sadie. Oops. It's sometimes still hard to remember the keep going after we say "the boys". She doesn't seem any worse for it thus far though. :)

It's amazing how a few items around the house can keep them enthralled for so long!
Shapes and letter and designs, oh my!

A quiet child is a priceless child.

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