Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

A very belated entry for Father's Day. I meant to post this on Sunday and bam! It's already Thursday again. The days do tend to fly by around here. We went out for fondue on Father's Day which Chris and I really enjoyed. The boys mostly enjoyed using their long fondue forks as weapons and begrudgingly tried a bite of each course so they could have the pleasure of the chocolate fondue dessert course. They had no real interest in the melted cheese but they did nosh on lots of apples and chunks of bread. Not surprisingly, they all ended up very chocolatey and somehow Sadie's car seat was also doused in melted chocolate, but the only really important thing was that Daddy enjoyed it! We've mostly run out of things to buy for him since he either doesn't wish for anything or gets it himself, so we had to resort to secret crafty doings and took the photos on top for him to show off on his desk at work. Nothing spells love like D-A-D!

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