Monday, September 28, 2009

Marathon Weekend of Fun

I'm already growing behind in documenting our weekend adventures! There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get the essentials done, never mind the extras. But we'd rather spend time out enjoying ourselves than sitting at home doing all of our never-ending projects so time slips by very quickly and nothing seems to get accomplished but a good deal of fun! We spent a jam-packed weekend starting out with some friends at Edaville Railroad and then onto Boston where we stayed over and spent the rest of the weekend wandering the city. Here's some evidence:

Eamon very much loves Thomas the Train (really, any train, or ANY machine of any type right now but trains have a special place in his heart). Edaville had a Day Out With Thomas which we couldn't miss! The train ride itself was pretty slow-going but the boys got to meet Thomas in the "flesh", er... metal, and really enjoyed the rides! In the top middle you can see the Thomas character "Sir Topham Hat" who was extremely creepy looking but the big boys didn't seem to mind. Eamon was a little less thrilled to see him though he did finally approach him for a minute!

The big boys are pretty much past Thomas at this age, but they REALLY enjoyed all the rides. Even Eamon was super excited about them and went on every one he could! Colin and Liam had their first taste of the ferris wheel which thrilled them. I sat out some of the more raucous rides, hoping not to scramble the baby too much, giving Christopher the distince pleasure of going it alone on all the nausea-inducing ones! Liam and I did ride the rocket one together which he loved and I took a mild swing on the teacups with the bigger two. They all proved to be budding Red Barons and loved the airplanes on the way out!

The boys are really into space right now so after an exhuberant night in the hotel (we had a nice corner room of windows and the boys spent countless hours staring off into the night cityscape--free entertainment!) After a mandatory outing to the heated pool in the morning, we walked to the Museum of Science to check out their newest exhibits. Even Chris was impressed with the virtual space ride and we spent quite a bit of time going through the new Black Holes exhibit which had something for everyone (even Eamon, who spent most of his time there weaving his stroller maniacally between other patrons, much to his glee). In the end, though, they were happiest just riding the T around which was even more fun, they assured us, than an outing to the Curious George bookstore. Next time, we save our money and just buy them their own Charlie cards and set them free.

A true testament to the weekend! Liam fell asleep practically standing up about one minute after we got into the house on Sunday night! And the rest of us weren't far behind!

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