Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big changes afoot.

The biggest news is that Colin started Kindergarten! He got a TINY bit nervous on the way into the bus, but said he had a great day after that. He loves his teacher and already made her two drawings after he got off the bus!

The biggest news "afoot" for the litte guy is that we bought everyone new school shoes and he just HAD to have "Melmo slippers". We generally vow not to buy character-themed clothing items.. but here is the little guy in Spiderman jammies and his new Elmo slippers. He loves them so much that he wore them to the bus stop this morning to see Colin off!

The big boys actually working together, helping daddy set up their new bunk beds!!

Eamon, not so much helping, as... wreaking havoc on the pile of screws and such.
Mr. Top-Bunk. He is THRILLED to be the "big guy" and they are getting used to having to share a space in anticipation of the New Baby taking over Liam's room. There's a bit more talking before they fall asleep, but once Liam goes back to preschool next week, I think they'll be too tired to cause any trouble at bedtime!

Mr. Bottom-Bunk. Doesn't he look so tiny in that huge bed?!?!?!

Off Colin goes... college can't be far off at this point...

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