Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Hurrah

We invited a few friends over to the pool for a little impromptu party to celebrate the last days of freedom before school started. I think there were 16 kids there, 14 under five! I was too busy to snap many photos (and seemingly none of our own brood), but they had a ton of fun. Mostly squirting each other, jumping off the diving board, playing soccer on the lawn and eating snacks that other mothers brought (always better than your own!)
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The Mitchells said...

Your house is so much like my house!! I HATE character clothing items, but I let them do it for night-time wear! I have Carson and Cade both convinced that anything with Transformers, etc. are jammies...Carson called some kid out the other day for wearing a "jammie shirt" to school. Our days are numbered! Love the bunks!!