Saturday, August 22, 2009

Swifts Beach

I'm usually the first person to berate pregnant women for being whiny prima donnas who feel the need to put their feet up and complain about their swollen ankles. However, I do have to admit that this heat wave has made me rather miserable, especially considering our complete lack of air conditioning and my ongoing sweat-drenched project to declutter the house before I go back to work in a week. When I finally just couldn't take another second, we escaped to our friend's house on the beach and I was free to float in the ocean "like a hippo with only my eyes above water" as someone so eloquently described me! The boys also had a ton of fun. As you can see, Liam is a master architect and will use ANY medium at his disposal, including the best clay possible when the tide is out. Colin and his friend Josh collected an entire bucketful of hermit crabs and Josh taught him a thing or two about clamming as well. Eamon enjoyed the fact that the water is super shallow at this beach as he doesn't love being submerged past his knees for some reason, but he loved collecting seagull feathers and seashells and helping his brothers dig shoulder-deep"mucky moats". The pinnacle of Colin's day was when he found a closed clam shell and pried it open to find a tiny little fish wriggling inside. Now, if only the heat would break so I can go back to running around like a maniac after my little maniacs.

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