Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mosaic Marathon

I took so many photos of three short days, I figured the best way to get them all up here is to mosaicize them. Feel free to click on the big pictures to see them in more detail.

Clockwise from top left: 1) 10 hands are better than one. 2) All the cousins, minus two (and a half). 3) David amusing the little boys 4) MaryKate lounging 5) Liam on his first outing with Auntie Mare before he got brave enough to kayak on his own 6) The big kids caught this fish which caused much elation. For perspective's sake, that green thing is the stem of a leaf. Hardly a whopper! 7) The girls took Eamon out in the paddleboat. 8) Auntie Mare plays momma duck to all the little floating ducklings! 9) Liam somehow "forgot" to jump on the count of three!

Clockwise from the top: 1) About as close the swimming as Eamon really enjoys. 2) Playing with his brothers' Tonka Pods 3) As brave as Eamon got on the kayaks 4) Looking wistful 5) The Amazing Goggle Boy 6) Colin and Emme worked in tandem for over two hours on their "moat/levee/waterway" masterpiece 7) Eamon playing by what he called "Grampy's pool" 8) Liam and Colin got to be pros at kayaking by themselves 9) Eamon stuck to land cruising 10) Colin will be swimming the Channel soon 11) Liam only LOOKS like he's drowning in the forefront, he actually got a lot better at swimming horizontally last week
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