Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adventures with animals.

Wild animals

Animals in captivity

We spent a very LONG and fun day at the zoo on Friday with some friends. It was about 90 degrees so by the last couple hours or so, I'd grown too tired and limp to remember to snap pictures, but we got a bunch at the beginning! The kids especially loved the elephants, giraffes and seals. Poor Colin had made a checklist before we left of the animals he really wanted to see and was sad that the zebras seemed to be hiding from the heat and he missed them! I thought the red panda was the cutest. Eamon thought standing under the water fountain was the most amusing and how could I blame him, I would have loved to cool down there myself! We had a very fun and rowdy dinner at Wright's Chicken Farm on the way home and called it a day after 11 hours of concentrated good times!

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