Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's new in the New Year?

The biggest news is that Colin lost his first tooth and happily hauled in a whole dollar from the Tooth Fairy!

It's certainly not a new phenomenon that our windows freeze over on the INSIDE but it was the first time in the new year that we took lovely photos of them!

We found a recipe for snow ice cream and since we'd just gotten another foot or so, we just had to try it.

And though it wasn't exactly as creamy as we were used to, it was quite delicious!

Eamon gave it his seal of approval!
The next big thing to happen in '09 was an addition to our furry family. "Poppy" is a cute little furball that I got mainly to keep the mice at bay, but she is definitely growing on us. Liam, in particular, is in love, though Eamon likes to carry her around by her throat. Strangely, she doesn't seem to mind this which is a good sign that she'll fit in here.
She loves to cuddle with the boys.

And Clara is never very far from her. Once they got over the first day or so of fear and wariness, Clara took to licking the kitten up and down and throwing her up in the air with her nose which we find vastly amusing.

By day 3, the furry girls were fast friends.

Liam and his furry love.

Eleven times the fun.

Four boys are no more chaotic than three! Baby Jake had a sleepover which his cousins very much enjoyed!
Eamon decided that he just HAD to hold Jake. All the time.
Eamon, who would never take a pacifier when he was a baby, suddenly became a big fan of the binky when Jake brought his over.
The required "I can only crawl backwards and keep getting stuck under the couch" photo. We have it of all of our boys too!
Liam decided to keep Jake company under the couch!

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