Saturday, January 31, 2009

Left speechless

Oof and Bleeblee

(We're not exactly sure why, but these are the names that Eamon calls his big brothers by!)

I sent the boys upstairs for quiet time. Colin hasn't napped for real in a couple years but Liam sometimes does. I don't mind either way as long as they're playing nicely and letting Eamon sleep peacefully. They just came down to inform me that they were playing "work". Colin's room was Chris' office and Liam's room was mine, apparently. Colin came to prepare me that Liam looked "very pretty" dressed as me. If you're a newcomer to the blog, you may not know this but Liam is ALWAYS dressing like a girl and role-playing like a girl. (He's always a firewoman, Batgirl, Superwoman, etc) As always, he likes to distinguish himself from his look-alike brothers! At any rate, down the boys came dressed as Chris and I. Colin had on his button-down pajamas to mimic Chris' dress shirt and some fancy black shoes. Notice that he borrowed Liam's play laptop as an appropriate prop! Liam chose a lovely lace-trimmed camisole and my black snow boots. He admitted he had on no underpants and that he tried to put on my calf-high zip-up boots that I prefer for work in the winter, but they were "too tall" for him! Lest you think that I actually wear such a get-up to work, I assure you, I ALWAYS wear undergarments and tend to actually cover my ENTIRE body with clothing. I wonder what ELSE they think of us and our jobs??


cmarnold said...

Jesus! He's wearing $200 Italian loafers! WTF???

meg said...

that is HYSTERICAL. your students get a show:)