Saturday, January 31, 2009

King for a Day

Uncle Michael got to play King for the Day at his school where they celebrated the king's birthday with cupcakes and crafts and topped off by a very funny Jester show. Here is Uncle King Mikey as the boys were calling him, presiding over some nieces and nephews of the court.

The craft area was a big hit and the kids are STILL playing with their crowns, magic wands and shields. A little paper, stickers and beads go a long way. They also played "pin the fire on the dragon" which they enjoyed and watched some real fencing students joust before the court.

Emme and her King Dad

Because I need yet another family member who likes to rummage through the clean laundry.

All the snow has prevented the boys from getting as much exercise as necessary. Poor Eamon can't walk at all outside as the snow is up to his belly. However, they run laps around the dining room table constantly which I try to ignore. It always always ends in a wresle-mania pigpile but I try to ignore that as well! Please note Liam's lovely long locks. They soon took center stage...

Colin has been growing his hair out because Cousin David has a shaggy 'do and he wants to be "just like him". Ever his own man, Liam longs to be bald, and to that end, took the scissors to his own head on Thursday while I was at work. Thankfully he was using his safety scissors so his scalp was spared and Daddy was far too amused to even admonish him. This required an emergency buzz cut yesterday as he looked rather like a doofus with a big hole in his coif. He loves his short hair and I think he loves being different from his shaggy brothers even more!

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