Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We're very light on pictures from last week as mostly I just did the Driving Dance: preschool drop-off, pick up, off to tennis lessons, switch off, pick up, drop-off, work, switch off, pick up, drop-off, work... I should start blogging the weeks purely in miles. The boys are loving school, I'm enjoying having more "one-on-two" time with them (as Eamon is still a force to be reckoned with) and work hasn't killed me yet, though it has left us all with colds. I think we're finally settling into the new schedule. The boys made up for the lack of photos with some artwork so here it is.

Liam found a great rock while we were out walking and, being Liam, threw it with all his might on the road where it split exactly in half. He loved it all the more then and thought it looked just like two footprints (Colin thought it looked like lungs!) and proceeded to make fingerpaint prints with them.

Liam made a portrait of me at school.

And Colin made a portrait of himself.

Because being home with Mom is way more boring than school, the boys are always trying to find some new games to play. "We have no good toys or games" Colin tells me from the playroom, where one can barely walk amid the legions of all the apparently crappy toys and games. I told them to make up their own game. Which they nicely did: "Shield Ball" with a Ben&Jerry's ball and the lid to a trashcan. Fun was had by all and actually, for once, nothing got broken.

Colin brought home an ancient Elmo spinning light from Grammy's that he got back when he was 1 and we brought him to see Elmo. "Look!", he said, crouched down on the kitchen floor, "it's a ceiling fan for a mouse!"

Some more great quotes from the week:

Colin: "Uh, mom, why doesn't Curious George have a tail? I thought monkeys need tails to swing from trees?"
Me: "He must."
Colin, providing picture from book: "See?"

Me: "Um, yeah, well... I dunno". If I didn't think he was actually testing me to see if I knew about prehensile appendages, I would have tried to come up with something. But let's face it, he's smarter than me.

Liam, was playing with Eamon's baby baseball toy which cheered for him after a good hit: "You got a double!"

Liam: "Mom, I got a devil! Just like Eamon is!!

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