Sunday, September 21, 2008


We had our traditional apple-picking adventure last weekend which was a lot of fun. Good friends, good food, apple pie, cheese and wine (and not too much whine). What's not to love?

Colin, Liam and Sam twirling before we got started.

Eamon actually kept climbing INTO the wagon. He is super into buckling right now and will buckle and unbuckle ad nauseum for hours.

Colin was proud he could shimmy up a little this year.

Liam and Sam found a gargantuan fuzzy caterpillar in the orchard.

He's a good worker, this one.

And HE'S a good eater!

To the victor go the spoils.

Finn and Harry's birthday party topped out a great weekend. Eamon and Daddy cuddling on the couch.

Eamon stole the arrows from Harry's set and wielded them with glee. Thankfully they're nurf.

Colin loads his weapon of choice.

I'd be a little more nervous looking down Liam's pistol barrel if his smile wasn't so cute!

Colin and his Doppelganger. He came home from school with this treasure last week. I was impressed by his very realistic replica, down to the bugs on his shirt and the N on his New Balance sneakers!


meg said...

i love the red leg and yellow and orange arms. the creativity!!

The Mitchells said...

Okay, that Colin in creative!! I can't believe the detail and the shoes!! The boys are super adorable, as always and it looks like y'all are having way more fun than we are down here. Cleaning up after Ike and waiting for power to come on everywhere has been less than fun for three busy little boys! Good news - school opens back on Monday!