Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zoo Full of Animals

We spent Liam's actually birthday at the zoo which everyone enjoyed. They loved all the animals of course (though Colin is standing over my shoulder telling to me post ALL the animals photos we took, I only snuck in a couple of their favorites) but they had the most fun when we discovered some super "humongous" (Liam's new favorite word) trees that had dropped all their blooms on the ground. It really was like a fairyland full of fluffy pink snow.

Here's Liam warding off our petal balls.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Eamon looks like he's ready to be a float in the Rose Parade.
(Note: he is missing one shoe per usual)

Of all the animals and things to do, Liam was just as happy to climb up this random tree trunk.

A nice boy with a nice smile.

A crazy boy with a silly smile.

As close as Colin could get to riding a real camel.

The elephants and giraffes were probably the favorites.

Colin sees how he measures up to an elephant skull.

Any excuse to get wet or dirty is always welcome. As an aside, Colin has had an imaginary friend named Bananahead for quite a while now. I hadn't heard about him in while so I asked how he was this week. "He's dead", Colin exclaimed. "What happened?" I asked. "Well, since his birthday was EVERY DAY, he got to be one hundred and twenty four and then he died." Makes sense, I guess and he doesn't seem too broken up about it!

We had to work to get a good photo of the kangaroo but Colin was happy to regale me with all his knowledge of joeys and pouches.

Last week I must have forgotten to take photos because this is all we've got! I took the boys out for a long walk to get ice cream. It's only about 5 miles round trip, but straight up and down some steep hills. For those of you think I always have "great ideas", this was not one of them. As we say to the boys all the time: "Not a good plan, Stan." I kept wondering why I was getting strange looks from passersby. If you know where we live, I never knew why they called it "Christian Hill" but I do now. You need a heap of faith in a Higher Being to get up it, especially after I calculated (much too late) that I was pushing and lugging (Eamon was on my back in a backpack) 102 pounds of kid. And, as you can see, Mommy exerting herself is SO tiring to the boys that they passed out on the way home, happily covered in sticky and sprinkles.

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ELK said...

First a running race, now a MAJOR mountain climb! I could never have pushed those big guys up your're ready for an iron woman contest, methinks.