Friday, March 22, 2013

Hardwick Fair 2012

Liam's winning sack race!

The Hardwick Fair is always the harbinger of fall coming. But we always manage to make it the last best playtime of summer.

It's not a fair without kettle corn.

Lots fewer animals this year than in the past. We did find one alpaca though.

Golf may not be Eamon's sport.

But he did decide to join his first sack race!

Here he is edging out the competition!

Not bad! A winner for the first time! Look at that blue ribbon!

Someone else joining the sack race.

Also a blue ribbon winner!

Colin got his hand (er, feet?) in the action as well!

Potato relay champion in his age group!

Little Miss sticks to playing in the hay.

Look who won his potato relay too! Winners all around!

Haystack model?

So happy. Love that smile.

Ah, when the heat still made her hair curl...

Colin and Liam attempting the egg toss together. Careful...

No! I cannot BELIEVE that toss!

Concentration. Trying to do the balance beam with his eyes closed.

After the fair, we headed out to Amherst for the afternoon. Eamon decided to test the skills of a local magician.

Pick a card, any card...

Wow! That WAS my card, no way!!