Friday, March 22, 2013

Chowderfest 2012

Although Eamon is the one kiddo in our family who actually loves chowder, he was more interested in the tractors!

Llamas, llamas, everywhere.

Liam, the reptile wrangler.

Um, is it just me or should we not trust that piece of scotch tape holding his mouth closed?

Big, fat frog.

While we live in harmony with the spiders in our house, I can honestly say that I was happy this fella was safely tucked into his cage.

Eamon's turn to hold the alligator, or was it a crocodile?

Doesn't matter, still creepy.

Fairy princess actually stayed still for a moment.


PacMan seems so serious today.

Eamon was entering a new phase... he'd taken to licking the blood drops off his finger sticks every day and telling everyone he was a vampire.

He went for zombie and got Frankenstein instead.

Have a nibble, little lamb.

And everywhere we go, there is at least one photo of a kid up a tree. Such is life with our boys.