Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'm happy that the kids are into Harry Potter this year because then I get to play with them! Here they are, all dressed up for Trick or Treating. They have been wandering around with sticks from the yard shouting spells at each other for MONTHS so I actually bought them the "real" wands for Halloween. I MAY have borrowed them a time or two to land spells on one or another of them too.
 Here's the crew ready to board the Hogwarts Express

Little Hedwig, Harry Potter's owl. 
She had the coziest costume by far--perfect for the snowy Halloween temperatures!
 In the last book, the evil Voldemort takes out little Hedwig, but in our scenario, Hedwig took away Voldemort's wand and took matters into her own hands.

 Harry Potter in his Quidditch Robe.

Ready to hop on his broom and fly away
 Liam has been doing an intense character study of Voldemort's mannerisms.

This is a class Voldemort giving the death curse!

 The Final Battle between good and evil, played out in our very own front yard.

 Harry Potter swallowing the golden snitch.

 Eamon dressed up like Dobby, the house elf. He is famous for saving Harry Potter's life on occasion. He also did not make it through the entire series, but we didn't tell Eamon that!

 Normally, Harry carries Hedwig on his shoulder, but Little Miss is getting far to big for that!

Naughty little house elf