Saturday, November 12, 2011

Colin's birthday 11-11-11

Colin turned 8 years old yesterday! The only thing that could have made his birthday party any cooler was if he were turning 11 on 11-11-11, but he was happy with 8! He had 9 friends over, which with our 3, made an even dozen crazy small boys. We had silly string and whipped cream fights, multi-sport combat in the backyard with games of badminton, football, soccer and baseball going on simultaneously, 11 completely non-nutritious snacks and a huge 11 cake with LOTS of frosting! The boys were actually all great, but unbelievably LOUD!! 

One of the many sporting events going on at once.

I guess I should get used to a houseful of boys!
At one point or another during the party, I saw Harry Potter, Batman and a cowboy make an appearance.

Only eight candles on the eleven cake

Lots of 11-11-11 wishing going on.

Silly string!

Even the little guy got in on it!

Then the whipped cream came out!

I am so glad I thought to buy disposable rain ponchos.

Messy and delicious!

Getting creamed in not a bad thing in this game.

Some chose to eat more than battle.