Monday, November 8, 2010

Entering party season

The holidays are coming and the Fall Birthdays are a nice way to enter party season! I know that Sadie is slightly over-represented in the photos from the party, but it IS her first birthday and Colin got to have another party on his actual birthday, I swear! Little Miss got all dressed up in her cupcake party dress and had a blast! She started the day by getting to open her big, huge, gargantuan, "where the hell is this going to fit" pretend kitchen from Auntie Kelly and Grammy and Grampy and has proceeded to play with it every day since! (As do her brothers). She wasn't particularly enthused about blowing out the candle on her gigantic cupcake cake, but luckily Liam was happy to help her out with it! Colin was maniacally happy about all of the Bakugan that he got (we still have no idea how to play with them, but it makes him happy and that's all that matters, right?) Our other birthday girls, Grammy and MaryKate, got to celebrate too, although they didn't seem as excited about smushing cake and frosting into their hair like Sadie was! She quickly got changed into her cupcake jammies and ended the night playing, not with any of the treasure trove of gifts she got, but with some gourds and was just as happy!

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