Friday, April 16, 2010

It Ain't Easy Being Three!

Our "little" Eamon is officially THREE years old! It was a BIG week for him. First we celebrated his birthday in true Eamon style with a lot of... dirt! He plays outside for hours and hours at a time and has dug holes that are deep enough for his brothers to bury themselves in (needless to say, no, we don't really have a lovely lawn in the back. Or anywhere in the yard for that matter.) His absolute favorite toy so far is Chuck, the Dump Truck. Chuck talks and drives to you on command, and wiggles and shakes his dump truck back around. I am just waiting for the day that Chuck gets left outside in the rain because I will not be sad when Chuck can no longer talk and rumble around the house. Any loud noise sets Chuck off and as you can imagine, there are a lot of loud noises around here! I whipped up some "dirt" cake for Eamon in his very own little dump truck, complete with gummy worms and chocolate rocks. The rest of us enjoyed a scoop or two from the big wheelbarrow full. Chuck also came with a book about him and his friends. When I check Eamon's blood sugar in the middle of the night, he never ever used to wake up before. Now, even in his sleep, he raises his little finger and then says: "You read me my Chuck book while you wait?!" It only takes five seconds for his meter to pop out a number but I MIGHT read a page or two o him.... just because he likes it. :)

A few days after his birthday, Eamon started preschool! In the top row of pictures you can see him coming out with his backpack (it's probably heavier than he is!) He had no qualms about leaving us for school and although we were (and still are) a bit nervous about it, he charges right in and gets busy playing before we can even say goodbye. On the top right, you can see him getting ready to hop in the car on his first day (half-eaten breakfast in hand... mornings are not even MORE... with another kid to get ready on time). We figured we might as well warn the teachers what they were in for, so we let him wear his new "handful" shirt! Alas, he is still really shy and so far only really talks to Miss Linda. When I asked him who his favorite little friend is so far, he said "Miss Chris... she is on my team! My soccer team!" Apparently he is recruiting older women because 1) he doesn't play on a soccer team yet, and 2) Miss Chris' boys are in college now so she's thrilled to learn she's the best "kid" in his class.

In other big news, the crazy little guy decided to potty train himself with nary any input from us (just the way we like it). The first week he insisted on being naked from the waist down, but since he didn't have any accidents and we didn't even have to remind him to go, it was fine with me! Now he can wear pants and still be good, as long as he doesn't have on underpants or a diaper. (Great, yet another Arnold boy who insists on being commando all the time). He doesn't do so well at school or out in public because I insist he wears underpants or a pull-up and when that happens, he has absolutely no interest in keeping them dry. But this week he did use the potty at school a few times so it's just a matter of time! I just bought some swim diapers for Sadie for the pool as I put back the ones in Eamon's size, I realized that I only have ONE MORE CHILD in diapers to go. Amazing! One more milestone past on the Path of Chaos!

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