Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Bash

In the interest of green living and crop-sharing and all that, here is our rendition of a home-grown garden (the closest we'll see this year, minus some tomato plants maybe). Who am I kidding? This is all because Eamon asked for a tractor cake, plain and simple! He is all about vehicles, the dirtier the better. After an entire day of making Starburst candy veggies, I have exhausted my artistic abilities for the indeterminate future, I do know that!

Eamon with his favorite gift, kissing his favorite person, classic Liam making a "fart" noise (if I have to hear the word fart ONE more time during dinner, I am going to squeeze the air out of all of them... apparently potty humor NEVER gets old with boys), present time, Baby Jake is not a baby anymore!

Sadie getting spoiled by yet another cousin who likes to hold her all day, Eamon and Liam blowing out their respective candles, Jake leading the crowd in applause, the "big kids" didn't seem nearly as enthused as their mini cousins!

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