Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve

Santa stopped by Uncle Mikey's house to see if the boys were being good. They were great that night, but it didn't necessarily make up for a year of "oopsies". Liam looked down-right terrified when Santa checked his list to see if he had been Naughty or Nice. He was relieved when Santa told him that he knew ALL ABOUT the time Liam cut open our feather comforter with scissors, releasing a veritable blizzard in our bedroom. He seemed a little TOO pleased to tell everyone what he had done! Colin didn't feel much better when he realized Santa knows every time he hides food he doesn't want around the house... including the bagel he hid in his shoe drawer. Of course, Santa didn't help matters much by saying that he loves bagels and would be happy to have Colin's scraps in the future... now when Colin doesn't want to eat something on his plate (every day), he pretty much figures Santa will eat it for him. Eamon somehow got away scot-free for all the things he has done this year which is pretty impressive if you add them all up! Turns out they were all good enough to get presents after all.... who knew??? Of course, Sadie has been perfect so far but I venture to say that by this time next year, she'll have some escapades under her belt too!

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