Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Bearded One Cometh

Poor Sadie... just doesn't look very comfortable! But didn't seem any worse for wear either...

Sadie has been smiling some, but I can never catch one on film while she's awake! She slept through her brothers opening gifts (including hers!) but seemed happy enough about it!

The very first thing Liam said when he perused his pile of gifts was "Oh, it doesn't look like there is a two-wheel scooter... maybe next year..." Boy, was he thrilled when that seemingly boring rectangular box did INDEED reveal a two-wheel scooter! Now, if only spring would come so he could use it!

Eamon helped Sadie with her gifts, but as usual, he was the last one to open his own. Once the playdough kitchen came out, he was done for the day and just wanted to play!

Santa's bag was packed full of Legos and Colin has been in heaven building up a storm ever since!

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