Saturday, October 3, 2009

Disaster Weekend

Christopher's buddy persuaded us to go up to Loon Mountain for the Highland Games this year which was a fantastic idea... in principle. Unfortunately the whole week started off on the wrong foot when Eamon got sick and couldn't keep any food down which necessitated our first-ever usage of his glucagon, an event I hope never to have to repeat. That same night, Colin got the pukies as well, a lovely gift from the cesspool we are discovering is Kindergarten. Luckily all he required was some cleanup and he was back to 100% bright and early the next morning. As the weekend approached and we were on day 5 of the Puke-Free Zone, we thought we were in the clear. However, after driving 3 hours and making it up to the mountain, Little Liam tossed his cookies in front of the entire crowd waiting to get on the shuttle to the Games. I figured I'd just take the kids to the hotel, wait for it to pass and then enjoy the rest of the weekend after Chris got done with the Whiskey Tasting he and his friends had tickets for... which would have been LOVELY if the hotel hadn't messed up our reservations... and we discovered there were NO HOTEL ROOMS AVAILABLE IN A ONE-HOUR RADIUS. While Chris tried to secure housing, I did what any mom of three boys would do (right?) and took the boys mini-golfing! Liam held up pretty well and enjoyed most of it, but didn't make it more than a few minutes after the 18th hole before he was sick again. Homeless, still, we spent some time on a local playground with a train theme which just thrilled Eamon. So, the day was not a complete bust. Thankfully Chris' friends gave up their hotel room for us and bunked with some locals and we had a bed to call our own that night. The next morning started out lovely, Liam seemed to be ALL BETTER. Until he threw up in the hotel pool (ooops). We still trudged up the mountain after that and he did perk up a lot and we got to see some of the Highland pipers. Mostly, however, the boys mostly enjoyed non-Game related events... like a random golf cart they found and running up and down bleachers. The crowning moments included going up the gondola to the top of the mountain where we went on a hunt for the Lost Loon Gold Mine through some glacial caves. The big boys really enjoyed it a ton, and Eamon and I did as much as his mini legs and my non-so-mini belly could manage. Not a completely HORRIBLE weekend, but I wouln't like to recreate it anytime soon, I can tell you that...

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