Friday, October 30, 2009

Colin's Birthday, Part I

Poor Colin is getting a bit shafted this year since my duedate is only three days after his birthday. We can't predict exactly when this new baby will arrive so we've been up in the air about when to celebrate the Big Guy's 6th birthday. Luckily, MaryKate was happy to share her family party this weekend! Colin wanted a jack-o-lantern cake this year because he is currently missing his own front teeth! They're growing in fast though so we figured this was our only shot to photograph the two jack-o-lanterns together! This year was all about Star Wars Lego sets for Colin. He is really phenomenal at putting the tiny little pieces together and Liam loves them too! We let Liam and Eamon have a mini-celebration for their Half-Birthdays. Liam really only wanted to blow out some candles so, again, MaryKate obliged! The cousins tend to spoil the boys, can you tell? Colin is going to have another party at the end of the month for his school friends so I don't think he'll feel too left out. Plus, he seems pretty excited about having a new brother or sister so we hope that salves the pain a little bit!

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