Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home away from home.

Now that the sun has FINALLY decided to come out (sometimes), the boys are spending every free minute in the pool. Nothing tires them out like a day of swimming so we're all happy at the end of the day!

Colin is now completely floatie free and, as you can see, jumps off the diving board and swims clear to the shallow end with nary a helper. As long as he has his trusty goggles on!

Liam can take his life jacket off in the shallow end, but always looks like he's drowning even when he's not! Plus, he prefers to be in the deep end with the big kids!

Eamon hates being submerged this year for some reason and would rather just sit on the steps and kick and splash everyone else. But mostly he likes to spend the day getting grimy in the sandbox. Here, he was thrilled that Uncle Mikey's tidal waves + 11 kids in the pool caused an overflow and gave him a river to use in his construction zone!

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