Friday, July 10, 2009

Frequent Flyer Miles

Yet another night spent in the ER for us! I innocently took Colin and Eamon for icecream after dinner (Liam had fallen asleep already and didn't deserve a treat yesterday anyway as he cut up our feather comforter leaving mountains of down feathers all over our bedroom. He also carved up his shorts with the scissors while he was at it...we have no idea why). At any rate, Eamon fell straight back off the picnic table onto the pavement, producing quite the "crack!!" when his skull hit. We happened to be sitting next to an EMT who was desperate to bring us in the ambulance but I knew I could get him there faster myself. He ended up being fine, never lost consciousness and just suffered from a big hard egg on the back of his head! He enjoyed his outing to the ER, as usual, and entertained everyone with his antics. He never fell asleep once until midnight when they finally released us. They were happy that he wasn't groggy but keeping him busy for the four hours of observation in our room proved to be fun for Mom. Here he is making crafts in his room and showing off his silliness for the doctors who would come in to check him. Everytime a new doctor came to ask what happened, he would make a fist, smack himself on the head as hard as he could and yell out "Bonk head!" over and over with glee. Crazy kid, that one! We wish they would hand out extra points for frequent visitors or something, we assume we'll continue to show up a lot with three boys in the family!

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