Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Little Trooper

One of the reasons we've been so far behind here on the blog is our little guy Eamon was diagnosed with Type I diabetes about a month ago. After four full days in the hospital and a whole lot more time adjusting to our "new normal" as they kept calling it, we're finally starting to get back in the swing of things around here. He's been doing really well and is the shining star of his Pediatric Diabetes Center. We are known there solely as "Eamon's parents" because he out-shines us with his crazy little personality. He is such a cute little guy and has never complained once about all the needle sticks or injections he gets on a daily basis. In fact, he has already mastered putting the gluose strip in his monitor and takes great pride in being the one to choose which finger gets stuck 8ish times a day. Even his insulin injections are no big deal for him... he often says "Oww..." in this cute little voice, but only when he sees us coming with the needle! He doesn't flinch at all for his shots and we just can't say enough about what a great kid he is and how happy-go-lucky he has remained through all of this. We just love to watch him storm around the yard with his brothers playing Light Saber (we caved and bought them all "Light Savers" as they call them since all three of the boys have just been so unbelievably great about the turmoil that's gone on here). He still plays with all of his heart and soul and we love to watch him act like a "normal" two year old.

Here's a photo of him in the hospital. Despite how pathetic it is, he did look awfully cute in his little johnny. It was certainly helped along by his fancy red shoes that he found in the playroom there. Everyone in the pediatric unit was so good to us and they all, of course, fell in love with the little guy. He was quite famous by the end for driving his red car like a bat out of hell up and down the halls at all hours of the day and night! We're just happy he is doing so well and couldn't ask for him to be dealing any better with it all.

If I just click my heels together three times, I can go home....
(And it worked, we were released that very afternoon!)

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