Monday, May 18, 2009

Easter Revisited

Eamon was very into coloring Easter eggs this year and only cracked one which is a record for us!

Liam picked out glitter eggs (not surprising!) for our decorating scheme. This is by far the best their eggs have ever turned out. They all did a great job!

And the Easter Bunny rewarded them with treats galore!
They were amazed that he knew they'd just seen Monsters vs. Aliens the day before. Who knew the Easter Bunny was a movie buff?

It was very, very, very cold out for the Easter egg hunt. Poor little Liam was shivering!

It didn't stop him from finding some loot though!

Eamon had a ball and collected all of his "E" eggs with very little help from his brothers.

And, of course, Colin was a pro this year and eeked out all the hard-to-find eggs.

Some delectable Easter treats. No holiday would be complete without colored frosting in our house!

The best I could manage of the three boys together. They were much more interested in going to Grammy and Grampy's to see their cousins for the rest of the day!

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