Monday, March 2, 2009

Trouble and his brothers, Whine and Pout.

Can you match the boys with their appropriate moniker? Here's a small snapshot of what they've been up to. Unfortunately, Pout was too pouty to make it into any pictures this week. Just envision his lower lip out in your heads...

Eamon can not only dress himself now, he can also UNDRESS himself. And does so every day, especially at nap time. We have to duct tape his diaper on so he doesn't shower his bedroom with his little hose.

Eamon is also the master of the safety scissors and loves to cut, cut, cut all day long. He also is enamored with buttons, glue and paper scraps.

Liam's "rolling boat".

I believe this is me. Colin made shape pictures of both Christopher and I for us to bring to work so we "don't miss each other". Cute.

Thanks to a table from Auntie Kelly, the boys could set up the iMacs Daddy got for them. Have you ever seen boys (big and little) look more excited? I'm not sure who was happier, Daddy or the boys!

Trouble, getting his name by stealing my "everlasting" lipstick and trying to impersonate the Joker.

Colin doing his Harry Potter impersonation with my glasses. Fitting for our studious little guy!

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meg said...

how old do you estimate colin has to be for you to read harry potter to/with him? i might want to be there. i need to be around a child who will actually enjoy the story when it is read.