Friday, March 6, 2009

Frogs and Monsters

We spent another fun day at the Museum of Science. It's one of our favorite places to wander when we have the urge to get out of town and head for the city for a while. There were two new exhibits this month: Frogs and Mythical Creatures. Both are high on the list of the boys' favorite things. We saw amphibians of every shape and size, cute ones, spiky ones, sticky ones, bullfrogs as big as dinner plates that ate live mice and birds. We saw Bigfoot and Unicorns, Japanese sea monsters and Chinese dragons, Griffins and mermaids. As Liam closes in on his fourth birthday, he has his own moments of being a monster lately. You can see the daily fluctuations in his photos. Happy-go-lucky morphs quickly into Pouty-go-Growly. I guess we'll have to keep him though, in case he morphs back into his usual self oneday soon!

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