Monday, December 22, 2014

A day in the life--a random sampling.

Colin's new favorite goofy face

See what I mean?

Eamon petting Grampy's new chicks, perhaps the only hand-fed chickens in America.

Bubble master

Bubble miss
Captain Hook

Liam takes up philosphy
Eamon's climbing prowess

Soccer star taking any chance he can get to show off his skills

Cousin water war

It would be too easy for Liam to just play basketball like any other kid.
He's got to make it into some kind of aerial stunt.

Practicing his human flag move so he can try out for American Ninja Warrior, his current career choice.

Her hair may look crazy but she knows a good pump when she sees one!

Never too old to hang out in the kids' section with a book.

Eamon loves a good selfie

Liam and his buddy Brandon. The Breakdancing Ninjas rocked the RLS Talent Show.

Silent as a ninja. Not.

Colin fell victim to intense World Cup Fever. He took to re-enacting big plays in Lego format.

Sadie got a $12 sewing machine (which quickly found its way to the Swap Shed) but she was so excited she woke me up at 4am to make a pillow. I had to use heat fusible tape to keep the darn thing together but she was thrilled, at least until she fell asleep around 8am. 

Girl Chris

Another night with the Cousins, another makeover.

They both woke up looking like raccoons. Eyeliner and mascara are not a good look on a 4 year old.