Friday, May 24, 2013

Halloween 2012

Happy Howling! All jack-o-lanterns were 100% boy-made this year. (I did help with Sadie's witch).

Frodo and his hairy hobbit feet. (The boys think that Uncle Mikey must be a hobbit because he's so "furry")

Sadie thought the Arwen costume from Lord of the Rings was "too boring" so she went outside the theme and dressed as a "Princess witch". In order to put it on, any piece of clothing MUST have sparkles or tulle to make her happy.

Liam's "ringwraith, aka night rider". I confess to not watching all three Lord of the Rings movies so I'll take him at his word.

Witch gone wild

Gandalf the Gray

Heading out on an adventure through Middle Earth

The moon cooperated and provided a spooky backdrop

Trick or treat!