Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas card outing 2011

700+ photos taken. And we got a few good ones!

Handsomest 8 year old I know.

What?! You want me to smile?

Okay, I will!

Smiley little bugger.

Thinks he's so cool like the big boys.

For once, I can see his eyes through that mop!

So, so happy with his stick.

Naughty girl never cooperates.

Sweet as pie.

Playing coy.

Duck, duck, duck, goose!

Typical Liam

Outtake 402832

As good as it gets, especially with a train going by in the distance.

And it all starts falling apart...

Ah! Why did you leave me standing in an open window high over the ground?

Why?! Why can't I go in the water?!?

Dapper duo.

I'll just hold up these walls with my super human strength.

I wanted to be in the middle, so I *won't* smile.

See?! That's better.

Too much bribery candy in her mouth to smile.

As good as it gets with 25 smarties in there.

Colin is the only one who can wrangle her into being good and sitting still.

Checking out what her rowdy guys are doing.



A real Sadie smile.

Old Stone Church all decked out for Christmas.