Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Frisbee golf

Liam had a couple unexpected days off from school this week so we wanted to take advantage. The weather has been downright frightful with rain for days on end, but we didn't let that stop us and ended up playing frisbee golf on an 18 hole course. We only had time for 13 holes and it proved to be a lot more strenuous than we expected. Mostly because I underestimated the length of the course and overestimated how far Little Miss could walk on her 12 inch legs. Not far, if you must know, I ended up lugging her around over hill and dale after the second hole.

Dreary day didn't impede our progress at all. In fact, it made all the mud and wet all the more exciting to the kiddos.

Sadie couldn't QUITE keep up. But I gained about 2 lbs of muscle in my left bicep carrying her up and down hills!

Liam was quite a good shot, actually. In fact, he clipped me square in the back with one long distance throw! He ended up beating me by far and Eamon as well (although he spent most of his time picking dandelions and got distracted a lot!)

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