Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opening Day at Fenway

You would think from this picture that we are hardcore Red Sox fans. You would be wrong. Since we moved out of Boston, we have never been to a game, never watched one on TV. But the big boys had Red Sox day at school for the opening of Fenway park for the season and had to show up in all their Red Sox regalia so I went out and bought them all shirts. The boys keep asking to go to a game, but I don't think they realize exactly how LONG they really last. And that you can't just get up and run around like you can at Ryan or Erin's games. We'll see if we make to a game this summer and how they do!

Eamon praying for a winning season? Sadie giving 'em hell!

Sadie has no idea what she is so happy about, but that's just the way she rolls!

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