Sunday, March 14, 2010


Miss Sadie's tiny little room became a full-tilt fairyland in the last couple weeks. Complete with fairy bower to hide her toys (and her brother Eamon!), a light-up fairy mobile, a light-up ivy swag, a chandelier night light (I couldn't resist!), another fairy nightlight, a feather-wrapped lamp dripping with "jewels" (the boys' favorite). For a room the size of a small closet, it sure has a lot of lights! It even has a tiny little fairy door which Liam is SURE leads to a fairy forest. The boys were actually a decent amount of help in here, despite the fact that we had to make a new rule after they each destroyed entire outfits by brushing up against pale pink wet paint: no one comes in unless they take all their clothes off! Fortunately for Liam, that is rarely a problem. Now that the paint has dried, I can usually find at least a couple of the boys playing in here. I'm not sure when the novelty will wear off, but until then, they will continue to bring all their toys up to "show Sadie" so they can hang out in her room. The fact that they have their own theme rooms doesn't seem to impress them nearly as much. And the fact that they are "sharing" their dollhouse with Sadie (hers is the only room left with enough floor space for the gigantic house and all its paraphernelia) means they have an excuse to come up and hang out while she lolls in her crib. Luckily she sleeps through any ruckus they can dream up (and trust me, that's a LOT.)

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