Friday, January 29, 2010

January Fun

Fun with Faces.
Sadie has been particularly into giggling and sticking her tongue out right now! She is such a happy baby and it has become an Olympic sport around here for the boys to compete against each other to get her to laugh at them!

Fun with Photos.

Fun with Food.
I'd seen this idea all over the internet and the boys were thrilled to try it. If you need to keep them busy for a while just give them some dry spaghetti and hot dogs and walk away! Plus, it was good counting practice for Liam because we put exactly 10 strands in each section in order to keep track of the carbs for Eamon. Colin LOVES to be involved in cooking, but hates to eat new foods so he was relieved that it was two old stand-bys and nothing strange or new to try!

Fun: miscellaneous edition.

See if you can match the photos above with the the following descriptions of fun that was eeked out in this chilly, cabin-feverish month: (don't forget you can click on the collage to make it bigger!)

1. Fun with kitty ears 2. Fun with swords 3. Fun with Mary Jane tights 4. Fun with stickers 5. Fun with sunglasses and dryer sheets 6. Fun with drool 7. Fun with baby beds 8. Fun with self-portraits 9. Fun with Baby Camouflage (you can barely find Sadie in her new seat. Pink and Brown are apparently the trendy baby colors this year!) 10. Fun with your sister's head 11. Fun with missing teeth! 12. Fun with sleepy baby 13. Fun with Mommy's camera

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Aw. Having met them now even just briefly these pictures pop! What happy little gang you have.

Never seen the hot dogs and spaghetti idea, but I wonder if you could do that with chicken sausage and angle hair. I have no doubt it would amuse my husband!