Sunday, June 21, 2009

Half-cooked turkey

We're expecting this little turkey to pop up as an appetizer to Thanksgiving. The boys came to both ultrasounds we've had so far but at the first one they were oblivious to what the "blob" was. Now they are happily waiting to meet their new brother or sister! Of COURSE the most popular question is "Is it a girl??" but we didn't find out (though Colin was quite livid with us for that!) We'll be 100% thrilled if the baby has all of its parts and organs in good working order, though we do assume another boy will make an appearance! Liam told me yesterday that we're only allowed to have "girl pets" so he seems satisfied with the furry girls in our family! Eamon is convinced there is also a baby in his belly which is cute for now because I doubt he'll be any too happy to give up his role as the baby in the family! The picture below was the boys' very favorite of the "photo shoot" as it looked like "half alien and half skeleton and both are cool!"

You can see the little alien eyes staring straight at you, and the big round belly below it means s/he will definitely fit in as a member of our family!

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