Friday, July 11, 2008

Back home, briefly.

Eamon before his big boy haircut, when he was still my baby, sob!

Eamon after his first buzz cut. Looking ridiculously like his brother Liam (and yes, I did bribe him with a lollipop. He has a TON of hair and it took me forever to get it all off, okay!??!)

Liam colored INSIDE the lines for the first time and was SO proud of it!

Colin shows off the "real" pyramids we made after he learned how to write his name in hieroglyphics (photo of that coming soon!). Silly Mama thought it would be SUCH a great idea to dip the pyramids in glue and then roll them in the sandbox to make them AUTHENTIC. They were authentic, and my floors are authentically sandy to prove it.

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ELK said...

If Eamon was a Berkeley baby you could have left some of his curls hanging in one of those 80's "rat tails." Not a style I expected to make a resurgence, but they're all over.

Congrats on your Happy Fun Time tramping all over Northern New England, looks like you hit all the major attractions for the under 4 set! We 30-somethings always get stuck at the Cabot Creamery eating cheese and fudge after a trip to Ben and Jerry's...mmmm, dairy.