Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Beach Boys

We're on a mini-vacation right now in NH/VT but I woke up earlier than the hellions so I figured I'd get these pictures up before we had 100 more from our trip! Earlier in the week, we trekked to the beach because we're missing our friend Josh's birthday party today and couldn't resist celebrating it with him. Especially because he lives right next to a fabulous beach that is great for the kids! We were lucky enough to have cousin Erin come with us and she was not only fun but an amazing help with the boy-os. Though the water was shallow, it's still hard to watch three kids at the same time especially when they are all water babies!

We made Josh a cake/pudding concoction in honor of our beach day. We used graham cracker crumbs for sand, but it came out a LITTLE dry. Next time I'll work more on taste and less on presentation!

The boys made all the shell candies themselves and then reused the molds the next day to make crayon melts. They did a really nice job with the candies and showed great restraint NOT eating them before we gave them to Josh!
Everyone is happier with Erin around!

Eamon slept in the tent for a too-short nap but then perked up and was in all his glory digging in the sand.

Colin's seagull impression?

If only I could keep them this still all the time!

Liam is a sand castle master!

I've got to get Eamon his own baby-sized chair because he LOVED Josh's and sat STILL for the longest time in it. A miracle!

Miss Mermaid. Erin is a lovely mermaid complete with boobs that Liam PAINSTAKINGLY shaped. He then told her: "Don't breathe, you cracking your boobies!"