Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First snow of the season

Another fun-filled week here. Colin had yet ANOTHER birthday party (the last!), this time his family party and collected a bunch more great gifts. He really enjoyed his birthday immensely this year (a big step up from age two when he screamed "Mine!!" the whole time and age three when he screamed "No!!" the whole time.) Age four is already treating us better than age three did. So, we should have 6 more joyous months until Liam gets there!

The big cousins enjoyed the party and showed off their Lincoln Log building prowess. Eamon likes Lincoln Logs too--they're great to soothe those top teeth which will be coming in any day now!

Colin showed that small hands can build big things... and roll marbles down them too (the bane of my existence now that Eamon is rolling around. We're currently short one marble... we're hoping it's under one of the couches. This is by far one of the favorite new things--neither of the big boys have asked to turn on the TV even ONCE since acquiring the marble race!).

Today we had the first snowfall which the boys were VERY excited about. Liam happily made snowballs and entertained himself in the soft white stuff while Colin was at school.

Eamon got to use his new snowsuit... and had his first trip down the hill on his sled! He loved it! Colin had a ball sledding as well (he's big enough this year to drag his own sled up the hill, hallelujah!) and tried to make a snow angel but there wasn't quite enough of the white stuff... it's more of a snow and leaf angel. Surprisingly, considering his penchant for danger, Liam didn't like sledding and spent most of his time filling his wheelbarrow with snow and making snow castles. The kid is definitely going to be an architect-- or a wrecking ball operator.

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